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5 QReserve Features You May Not Know About

QReserve can do a lot of really great things to help your lab or organization run smoothly. Here are five of those features we wanted you to be aware of. Are you using them yet?

1. Capacity Reports All Plans

Capacity reports instantly tell you how much potential is sitting idle in your resources. To start, define a capacity limit for your resource under the Reservation Options tab. The report will tell you how much the resource was used relative to that limit, so you can decide which pieces of equipment are over- or under-utilized. Find capacity reports under Site Metrics in Administration.

Capacity Reports

2. Google Calendar Export and Import All Plans (export) & Unlimited/Premium Plans (import)

Easily push and pull your QReserve and Google calendars.

Everyone can export QReserve schedules to Google Calendar. On the resource page, click the Export Calendar link under the resource's information. Use the URL shown and add it to your Google Calendar.

With the Unlimited and Premium Plans, you can also import your existing Google Calendar into QReserve. Go to a resource's Reservation Options page and add in the URL from Google Calendar. Your QReserve calendar will automatically update as you modify your Google Calendar, so you can keep using what you're used to, with the insights of QReserve too.

3. Library Loaning All Plans

You can loan out equipment, just like you would a library book. Under Reservation Options, set the equipment to Loanable and choose a loan duration. Users will see a Check Out Now button, instead of a reservations calendar, and will be able to use that equipment for the loan duration you set. Print out the QR Code from the Resource Administration panel to make checking out even quicker! Users will receive a reminder email the day before the item is due back, as well as daily overdue reminder emails.

4. Cancellation Notifications All Plans

Is there a piece of equipment you need, but often find booked up? With Cancellation Notifications, you can get a notification if the equipment becomes free at the last minute. As long as it's equipment you're allowed to book yourself, simply click "Subscribe to Cancellation Notifications" on the resource's booking page, and QReserve will email you if there is a cancellation within 48 hours prior to the booking.

5. User Training Management Unlimited/Premium Plans

Make sure only trained users can access your equipment! Under the Training tab, set training requirements and their default valid duration, and then assign the training to users in your lab. Users will be notified when their training is reaching expiration, and once training expires, administrative approvers can deny bookings until training is renewed.

Start using these features today for even smoother lab or organization management!

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