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Actual Usage Tracking

Whether you're looking to track actual usage for billing purposes or want a way to auto-cancel no-show reservations, here are some of the versatile ways QReserve can help you capture and manage actual usage data.

Tracking Actual Usage

1. On Kiosk Check-In & Check-Out

Using kiosks, QReserve allows users to check in up to 10 minutes before their reservation starts or ends by either:

1) clicking the Check In and Check Out button next to their reservation, or
2) holding their personal QR Code to the camera to scan

If desired, administrators can require users to authenticate their check-in/out with their personal PIN.

Click here to learn how to enable kiosk check-in and check-out.

2. Email & Dashboard Check-In & Check-Out

In addition to kiosks, users can check in and check out via email. If enabled, each reservation confirmation email will include a Check In Or Out Now button that can be clicked up to 10 minutes before the reservation starts or ends. Users can subscribe to reminder emails that will resend the Check In Or Out Now button prior to their reservation.

Users can also conveniently check in and check out from their QReserve dashboard using any device.

Click here to learn how to enable email & dashboard check-in and check-out.

3. Sensor Integration

Using QReserve's Embedded Sense Integration, place an Embedded Sense sensor in any room and link it to QReserve to track actual resource utilization and capture other environmental metrics. Detect when a space is occupied, discover missed reservations, and record activity associated with your resources to better inform your management practices.

Click here to learn more about the Embedded Sense Integration. For more information about sensor pricing, please contact us at hello@qreserve.com.

4. Computer Based Actual Usage Scripts

QReserve can integrate with your existing computer-based actual usage tracking processes using advanced scripting options. Here are some examples of computer-based actual usage scripts that can integrate with QReserve:

  • Linux
  • Win 10
  • Win 7/8

For more information about integrating your actual usage scripts with QReserve, please contact our team at hello@qreserve.com.

Auto-Cancelling Reservations Based on Actual Usage

Tired of reservation no-shows? Administrators can now set rules to auto-cancel missed reservations if no usage is detected. In order for this feature to be used, some form of actual usage must be set up such as Kiosk Check-In, Sensor Tracking or Actual Usage Computer Scripts. Users will receive automatic email notifications for their missed and cancelled reservations.

Click here to learn how to enable auto cancel.

Invoicing & Reporting Based On Actual Usage Data

Both reservation and actual usage data can be found in the Activity Report and Actual Usage Report. Administrators can easily bill for actual usage by clicking the Create Invoices button in the top right corner of either the Activity or Actual Usage Reports.

Please note that if a user ends a reservation early, the Activity Report by default will show the new end time but the original end time is still available in the Details CSV report and for invoicing.


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