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Ad Hoc Resource Blocking (Holiday Edition)

With the holidays around the corner, you may want to block off your resources for an ad hoc period of time. As such, we want to share a handy QReserve trick to help you adjust your holiday schedule while giving you the peace of mind that your regular schedule will resume after the holiday period.

1. Create a Blocking Resource

The easiest way to manage your holiday schedule is to create a blocking resource that will be used to define the blocked off times. In this example, our blocking resource is called "Holiday Calendar". After you create this resource, we suggest you set up the following reservation parameters:

  • enable reservations
  • set the resource to "not publicly visible"
  • set the resource to "unlisted to users who cannot reserve"
  • add the appropriate user group restrictions (i.e. staff only)

2. Add Blockers

The next step is to select the resources you want to be blocked.

3. Create a Blocking Reservation for the Holidays

The last step is to access the blocking resource calendar and create the reservations for the periods you wish to block off. In this example, the Holiday Calendar reservation on December 25th automatically blocks access to its associated resources (blockers).

Note: This will not affect any existing reservations during your blocked period.