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Amazing QReserve Reservation Status Device from our Friends at Chipsetter!

QReserve is enthusiastic about open data and open APIs to let users create awesome new tools and devices. That's why we were especially excited to hear about Randy Glenn's new reservation status device he created at Chipsetter to read the reservation status of resources from our new Public Calendar feature and display it within a beautiful wooden box with embedded LEDs and display to indicate the current and future reservation status of a resource. Check out the pictures below!

Would you like to see something like this in your facility? Let us know and we'll look at making something like this available to our users in the future. If you'd like to build something yourself with our API, just get in touch and we can provide details on how to get started.

Ultimaker 2 Reservation Status Device
Ultimaker 2 Reservation Status Device
Inside the Ultimaker 2 Reservation Status Device