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Calendar Exports

QReserve now supports exporting your personal reservation calendar, the lab calendar, or individual resources, via the industry standard iCalendar format. Simply click the "Export Calendar" button on your dashboard's upcoming reservations panel (at least one upcoming reservation is required), copy and paste your private URL, and add it to your calendar application via the Add By URL option.

Timezone Note: Calendar events are exported in UTC timezone format to allow your calendar application to automatically convert them to your local time. Events viewed on QReserve are always shown in your site's local timezone setting. This means that the time displayed in your calendar application may be different from the time shown in QReserve if your computer is setup to be in a different timezone.

Google Calendar

Google calendar feeds can be added by selecting Add By URL under the Other calendars dropdown. Note: Google can sometimes take 8-24 hours to update new reservation information. This is a limitation of Google calendar's other calendars feature.
Google Calendar Add By Url