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Speed, calendar localization, bulk user import, and multiple reservation units

Today's update contains some much asked for features!


We integrated some optimizations today that should see calendar and reservation pages load much quicker.

Calendar Localization

The calendar start day will now be determined based on your browser's localization. That is, if you are in most European countries, your calendar will now show Monday as the first day in the week!

Bulk User Import

Quickly import a spreadsheet full of users with the new users bulk import tool on the Administration > Users page. The spreadsheet supports First Name, Last Name, Email and Group. Group will automatically create and assign users to a particular user group.

Multiple Reservation Units

If your resource supports multiple units (e.g. cages, shelves, vials, etc.), you set set the maximum number of units on the Reservations Options tab in Administration, and then users can select the number of units they wish to book when booking.