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Cancellation Notifications, Approval Emails, and Site Membership Management

This week's update has two big new features along with several general bug fixes and improvements to make QReserve easier and more reliable to use.

Cancellation Notifications

Is there a busy piece of equipment that's always booked? What if you could get an email about last-minute cancellations to give you the chance to jump on openings? Now you can!

Cancellation Subscriptions can be activated on any resource you are allowed to book yourself by clicking the "Subscribe to Cancellation Notifications" link in the top right corner of that resource's booking page. You will then receive an email for any cancellations for reservations within the next 48 hours.

Subscriptions can be managed from your Subscriptions page accessible from the main menu of the QReserve application.

Cancellation Subscription

Improved Approval Emails

Emails that approvers get in order to approve or deny a reservation request will now allow replying to the reservation requester simply by using the Reply function in your email application.

Site Membership Management

Users now have the ability to remove themselves from a site or a lab they are no longer affiliated with by clicking the "Revoke My Membership" link in the top right corner of a lab's main resources list page.