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CFI Research Facilities Navigator Intake Form Tool - Free to eligible Canadian researchers

Save time and effort with QReserve's CFI Research Facilities Navigator Intake Form Tool. Available to eligible Canadian researchers for free!

The CFI Research Facilities Navigator is an online directory of research facilities in publicly-funded research institutions across Canada that have what you need to innovate and succeed. Launched in 2013 by the Canada Foundation for Innovation, the Navigator’s unique platform helps you locate and connect with research expertise, state-of-the-art equipment and labs located in universities, colleges, hospitals and federal government facilities from across Canada. Today the Navigator features more than 675 research facilities covering 28 sectors of application, including aerospace, ocean industries, environmental technologies, advanced manufacturing and life sciences (source).

Eligible research  facilities are encouraged to participate in the CFI Research Facilities Navigator and can submit to the Navigator with the submission of a Word Document that contains information about your facility and the specialized equipment within it.

To save you time and increase CFI Research Facilities Navigator participation, Canadian QReserve users can now generate a partially prepopulated CFI Research Facilities Navigator Intake Form! Your contact information, facility description, expertise, and specified specialized equipment will be prepopulated to save time, make future updates easier, and reduce your paperwork. Note that the CFI is responsible for final decisions regarding the posting of online profiles

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