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COVID-19 Return To Work Scheduling Tools

As COVID-19 restrictions continue to lift, QReserve's flexible scheduling tools are here to support your facility's unique requirements. Here are some helpful ways you can use QReserve to manage your facility while promoting safe return to work practices.

Occupancy and Capacity Restrictions

Many organizations are promoting social distancing by implementing occupancy limits for their spaces.  QReserve's powerful scheduling tools allow you to set custom capacity restrictions for each of your resources (rooms, spaces, services, etc.). Simply set the resource's Units field to the maximum capacity.

For example, if Room 1101 has a maximum occupancy of 5 people, set the Units field to 5. Once 5 concurrent reservations have been scheduled, QReserve will automatically restrict any subsequent bookings during that time.

Pro Tip: Utilize the Disclaimer field to reiterate the room's capacity limit. This disclaimer will appear on the resource profile, calendar and reservation page.

Contact Tracing

QReserve's Activity Report is a powerful tool for contact tracing. Easily identify the rooms, equipment and people each staff member has come into contact with. Simply select a date or date range, and filter the report by the user for a detailed list of their contact points.

"Staff Schedule" Resource

If you are looking for a way to schedule your staff, consider creating a single resource called "Staff Schedule". Staff members will receive email notifications for any bookings made on their behalf. They can also view the Staff Schedule Calendar directly in the application.

Pro Tips:

  • Add a set number of units to the "Staff Schedule" resource to enforce a maximum number of people that can be scheduled at a time. For example, if your facility can only accommodate 5 people at a time, set the number of units to 5 and name the unit "staff members".
  • To stagger the timing of staff members entering and exiting your facility, add a buffer time restriction to your "Staff Schedule" resource.

Resource Blockers

Resource blockers can be used to enforce social distancing practices. Blockers allow the calendar of one resource to block the calendar of another resource if, for example, you have two pieces of equipment that are side by side. Use the blockers feature to create a bidirectional block and ensure that when one resource is in use, its neighbour will be automatically marked unavailable.

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Live Resource Maps

Live Resource Maps provide great visualisations of your facility's activity. Based on reservation data or actual usage data (e.g. from check-in check-out procedures) you can display live maps on kiosks outside of your facility to help inform people of the activity level.

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COVID-19 Disclaimers and Questionnaires

Using QReserve's Forms Management tool, create custom health screening questionnaires and attach them to your reservation process. Form questions can be made mandatory or optional. To track questionnaire responses for upcoming reservations, filter the Activity Report and toggle the form question(s).

Touchless Kiosk Check-In and Email Check-In

Not only are kiosks a great way to display reservation activity, but they can also be used to enforce check-in check-out procedures when entering and exiting your facility. Staff members can easily verify their arrival by clicking "Check-In" and entering their unique PIN. Staff members can also scan their personal QReserve QR code to make the check-in procedure contactless! Administrators can track these transactions in the Actual Usage Report.

Users can also check-in via email by clicking the check-in button in their reservation confirmation email up to 10 minutes before their reservation.

Credential Requirements

Using QReserve's Credentials Management tool, automatically ensure that your users' credentials and training are up-to-date and prevent access to resources where an individual without current training could create safety and/or liability concerns.

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Scheduling and Tracking Facility Cleaning

Create maintenance records to schedule and/or document facility cleaning and equipment sterilization. Automatically block access to your facility and equipment during these periods.

Easily filter your calendar by Maintenance for an overview of your facility's cleaning history.

Deactivating or Hiding Resources

Perhaps you have some resources that you simply do not want accessible during this period in time. Deactivating resources will temporarily remove them from your active resource list. Deactivated resources can be reactivated at any time.

You can also temporarily disable resource reservations and set the resource visibility to be hidden to users who cannot reserve.


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