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Default account numbers, faster approvals, and more!

We've been busy at QReserve this week integrating your feedback and suggestions into our platform to make it faster, better, and easier to use. Along with many smaller bug fixes, here are some highlights in updates just released!

Default Account Numbers

Help your users always get the account number right by setting up a default account number. To get started, go to Administration > Users and select a user. This page will now have a new account number field. After setting this field for a user, the account number field on all reservations will pre-populate with this number. If the user so chooses, they can override it.

New Account Number Field

Faster Approvals

Are you somebody who needs to approve a lot of reservations everyday? Before this update, approvals could take up to three clicks per reservation! Now, simply click the green Approve button on your dashboard to instantly approve requests. If you'd like to leave a comment with your approval, there's a link below to do that too.

More Coming

We have more in the pipeline that we're excited to release in the near future. Stay tuned!