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Live Maps and Kiosks Have Levelled Up

Live Maps and Kiosks Have Levelled Up

Live maps are an awesome way for people to engage with your facilities. A map makes it quick and easy to see what's available, where it is relative to other resources, and to make a reservation with just a click of a tap.  Today, we're excited to level up live maps with 2 major upgrades.

Kiosk supporting maps within maps.

Booking from Kiosk Maps

Starting today, you can add your live maps to a kiosk and let people interact with maps directly from your kiosks. Create a stunning and interactive visual representation of your space for users to navigate with simple taps on a room or a resource to book directly from kiosks.

Maps don't exist in isolation and will often link together or benefit from the ability to zoom into certain areas.  Starting today, you can define a region that links to another map to let users easily navigate between maps in your site in a visually intuitive way. And yes, map links are fully compatible with kiosk based maps so long as you have a kiosk defined with each of your maps!

Other Updates

  • Live maps now support linking regions to other live maps.
  • Kiosks now support display and interacting with live maps including making reservations.
  • QReserve's Outlook Add-in is now available in the Office Store.
  • Kiosks can now enable project selection when making a reservation.
  • Kiosks can now be limited to a specific IP address or range of IP addresses for added security.
  • Forms defined within a portal can now be used directly in sites under that portal instead of simply being forced side wide from the portal level.
  • Resources with a large number of approvers are displayed in a more readable fashion on reservations.
  • Project site tags were defaulting to private regardless of the initial public switch selection.
  • If notify when user joins is enabled, secondary site contacts were not receiving notifications.
  • Site forms when added to a site wide reservations were not showing on the site page.
  • If an approved request is edited in the future, the new approval request may not have shown on approver dashboards.
  • Secondary contacts could sometimes be removed when editing a resource.
  • Invoice date fields could default to the wrong calendar day in some cases when saving or editing.
  • Nested display categories with extra spaces around slash separators would hide son resources.