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Never forget of who borrowed that stapler!

Checkout Resources

QReserve's equipment management platform can now be used to track loanable items, just like a library book! Simply enable the "Loanable" setting on loanable resources under the Reservation Options tab on your administration page.

Administration Settings

Once marked as Loanable, users will be presented with a "Check Out Now" button instead of a reservations calendar. Their loan will be setup to the default length of time you can pre-determine. The day before the item is due back, they will receive a reminder email. If the item is not returned, they will receive daily overdue reminder emails.

Items can be marked returned by the users from a link in their email, their QReserve dashboard, or the resource's calendar page.

Administrators and moderators will be shown a loan history calendar to track where the resource is (and was!) and the item can also be marked returned on behalf of the users.