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Organize your resources with Display Category

You can now organize your resources in your site's list by grouping them under custom categories.

You can set categories by type, importance, location—anything you like.

Resources organized by location: Main Centre or Lab

Set Display Categories in Resource Administration.

Select the Display Category header in the resource table by hovering over the header, selecting the pencil that appears, and choosing Display Category.

Then you can enter a category name for each resource. The categories will automatically appear in alphabetical order in your resource list.

If you would like to order your categories other than alphabetically, you can use the following trick.

Add a letter and a bracket, ")", and the category will be sorted according to that letter, but the letter and bracket will not appear in the resource list. In the example above, adding "a)" before Main Centre sorts it ahead of Lab, but the "a)" does not appear in the list.