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QReserve Release -

This release has several enhancements including more tools for administrators and improved reservation management.  We will be releasing in 2 or 3 phases over the next week to streamline the transition.  This post

Actual Usage Tracking

Whether you're looking to track actual usage for billing purposes or want a way to auto-cancel no-show reservations, here are some of the versatile ways QReserve can help you capture and manage actual

QReserve Release - 2.2.6

This release, and the next several, have a focus on optimization, enhancing, and polishing. As QReserve continues to grow, we know the importance of providing a reliable, stable platform.  That's why we are

QReserve Release - 2.2.5

Security UpdateEffective immediately, we have disabled support for TLSv1.1, and older version of secure connection protocol that puts the s in https.  Version 1.2 has been the standard for many years

COVID-19 Return To Work Scheduling Tools

As COVID-19 restrictions continue to lift, QReserve's flexible scheduling tools are here to support your facility's unique requirements. Here are some helpful ways you can use QReserve to manage your facility while promoting

QReserve Release - 2.2.4

New FeaturesReservation and approval emails for updated reservations will now contain a list of changes at the top of the email.Added the ability to show form fields on calendar events, reservation view