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Premium Plan - Training Records, User Messaging and File Attachments

We've been hard at work at QReserve building new features and tools that we know you're going to love. These new features have been released in our new Premium Plan to help cover added development and maintenance costs.

  • Mass messaging: Email all your specific user groups all at once directly from within QReserve.
  • File attachments: Add file attachments to resources that can be downloaded by your users such as user manuals, analysis software, or data samples.
  • Training records: Training record management allows you to track your user's training on instruments or in general (e.g. WHMIS) and restrict resource reservations to only users who have adequate training records for that resource. Users are given training expiration warnings on their dashboard and via email!
  • Priority support: We'll make sure we respond to you first and schedule phone calls to get your questions answered.

Don't worry, we're not removing any existing functionality from your QReserve account!

The QReserve Premium Plan is a monthly subscription plan that costs $89CAD per month.

We are offering a free 14-day trial of the premium plan to try these features out. Simply visit your Subscription page under administration to sign-up!

Upgrading to Premium helps support QReserve to ensure we can stick around for years to come and continue making your lab run smoother and more efficiently! We greatly appreciate your support if you choose to upgrade.