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QReserve Fall 2018 Update

QReserve 2.0 has launched, and we have been so busy making enhancements and expansions over the summer that we forgot to mention a few amazing new features you (probably) are not aware of yet!

Moving forward, we will also be providing regular release notes to keep you informed on the latest and greatest features to make your life easier.

Here is a list of the new features we have added to improve Resource Administration, Reservations, and Emails and Messaging in QReserve 2.0.

Resource Administration

Improved Training Management (Premium Feature)

Create and manage training records for your site members, and set valid training as a requirement for using your resources. Create training modules under User Administration, assign training records to users under Reports, and set training requirements for reservations under Resource Administration.

Resource Tags

Tag your resources according to categories such as building, floor, or department for easier searching and filtering in your site administration. Then select the Download option for a CSV file of your filtered selection. Create and assign tags under Resource Administration.

Improved File Organization (Premium Feature)

Create folders to organize file display on resource profile pages, and set resources to Private to hide them from all users except moderators and administrators (who will see an eye icon identifying private files). Manage file settings under Files in Resource Administration.

Reservation Edits in Reports

Edit your reservations directly from the Reports page by clicking the reservation and selecting Edit, Duplicate, or Delete.


Reservation Forms

Create forms that users will have to complete when making reservations. Ask users to confirm agreement with terms and conditions, select project codes, share additional reservation details, and more. Create forms under Forms and attach them to your site under Site Settings.

Multi-Resource Reservations

Reserve multiple resources in a single reservation. In the reservation window select the 'Add' button to add more resources. Remove resources by selecting the red minus sign to the right of each resource in the list. The calendar will confirm there are no conflicts and that everything can be reserved together.

Add-On Resources (Premium Feature)

Mark certain resources as add-ons only, so that they cannot be booked but as secondary items in multi-resource reservations. Turn on this setting under General Reservation options in Resource Administration.

Buffer Periods

Set buffer periods to provide space between successive reservations. Buffers will prevent other reservations of the same resource or blocking resources to ensure you have time for tasks such as material preparation or room setup. Moderators and administrators will be able to disable buffers when making their reservations. Set buffers under Reservations Time Restrictions in Resources resource editing.

Anonymous Reservations (Premium Feature)

Display only reservation timeslots with anonymous reservations. Other regular users will not see who made the reservation or any other details. Moderators and administrators, however, will always see all details. Turn on anonymous reservations under Reservations Visibility in Resources resource editing by setting Reservation Details Visibility to "Reservation Timeslot Only."

Quick Calendar Access

Go directly to your site's reservation calendar by selecting the calendar icon next to your Active Memberships list on the Dashboard.

Secret Reservation Notes

As a moderator or administrator, add secret notes to your reservations which are visible only to other administrators. Find the option at the bottom of the reservation window.

Reservation Unit Limits

Set limits on how many units of a resource can be reserved in a single reservation. Set limits under Reservations Units, or leave the field blank for no limit.

Improved Calendar View

View the number of resource units in reservations with a quick glance at calendar events; units are now displayed between the timeslot and user name.

View the Purpose of reservations by hovering your cursor over calendar events for a second; the Purpose will appear without your needing to click.

Emails and Messaging

Improved Individual and Mass Messaging (Premium Feature)

Send messages to individual users or groups of users in your site. Select individual recipients, user groups, or resource contacts according to resource tags. Messages send to the users' email addresses. Find this feature under User Administration.

Reservation Email Settings

Edit settings that apply to all reservation emails generated in your site.

Set a message that will appear at the beginning of all emails to your users.

As a Premium user, set a reservation confirmation reply-to email address. When users reply to a reservation confirmation or update email, their replies will go to this address. The default is no address.

As a Premium user, specify an email address to receive a copy of all reservation confirmation emails for the purpose of tracking site activity. Emails are sent separately so the reservation requester will not see this additional email being sent.

Turn on these settings under Reservations in Site Settings.

Custom Messages in Approval Emails

Set custom messages to appear in emails for pending, approved, denied, or cancelled reservations. Find this setting under Reservation Email settings in Resource Administration.

Suppressed New User Emails

As an administrator, suppress emails you would otherwise receive when new users join your site. Turn off new user notifications under Access in Site Settings.