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QReserve Release -

This is a mid-cycle release to account for the huge flurry of activity related to labs re-opening around the world!

New Features

  • Unit based resource blocking.  This can be turned on from your Site Settings page to have blocking resources block only the number of units reserved in the blocking resource.  Excellent tool for creating ad-hoc blocks that reduce access only partially!
  • Resources can now be filtered based on their display category.
  • Reservations can now be filtered based on their approval status on calendars and the activity report.
  • Administrators who are approvers editing other people's reservations or requests can now toggle whether or not their edit should result in an auto-approval of the reservation or request. This allows you to make edits prior to deciding whether to approve fully.
  • Resources can now be excluded from your activity report by enabling the Exclude From Activity Report option in the Reservations tab in settings.
  • Your Site-Wide Calendar button can now be hidden from the Site Settings > Reservations page.
  • Forms now support an optional Short Name field that will be used when displaying a form in emails or viewing the responses.
  • Kiosks can now be set to display a Live Map by setting the kiosk mode to Live Map and selecting a pre-defined map. Currently these maps are non-interactive but that will come soon!
  • Invoices generated from reservations and requests now embed the reservation ID in the reservation for improved auditing of invoiced items.

Bug Fixes

  • Requests with custom rates can now be added to projects.
  • Site Settings page will now load faster on sites with many users.
  • Account creation can now handle a large number of new accounts at once.
  • Long-lasting recurring accounts now load faster on calendar pages.
  • Links to invoices on the Activity Report page sometimes filed to display.
  • Denied requests are no longer included in the activity report and the status of each request is easier to determine. Additional status filters are coming soon!
  • Fixed the barcode detector in resource filters being too sensitive.
  • Adding a reservation to a project no longer re-requests approvals.
  • Optimizations for reservations and other area of the site.