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QReserve Release - 2.2.5

Security Update

  • Effective immediately, we have disabled support for TLSv1.1, and older version of secure connection protocol that puts the s in https.  Version 1.2 has been the standard for many years now and is supported on all major operating systems and devices.  Some very old operating systems (over 10 years old) may not support TLSv1.2 out of the box and may require patches or upgrades.  We made this decision to ensure our infrastructure remains up-to-date and secure.

New Features


  • Added the ability for users to request a reminder of their upcoming reservation.  Simply select the time before a reservation you wish to receive your reminder when making your reservation and we'll send you an email then!
  • Added the ability for users to check in and out of reservations. This can be done directly from their confirmation emails, their QReserve dashboard, or kiosks.  To enable this, visit the Actual Usage tab under Reservations when editing a resource.  Kiosk check-in ability must be enabled separately in the kiosk settings.
  • Added the ability to edit actual usage / check-in / check-out times from the Actual Usage report.
  • Improve how multi-day events are displayed on kiosks.
  • Add information about other approvers to the Approval cards on dashboards so approvers know what others have already decided.
  • Added the ability to check-out of a reservation early and, if enabled, end that reservation early to immediately free up that resource. The original end time is still available in your Activity Detail CSV.  For more information on all of the columns available in the Detail CSV,  View Documentation in the QReserve Academy.
  • Ability to print sheets of QRID QR Codes to easily create stickers for your users for use with Kiosks to quickly check in or out.


  • Greatly improve the appearance of Invoices when viewed from their Public Link.
  • When invoices are created from reservations, quickly switch between the originally reserved time, the actual usage time (e.g. check-in and check-out times) for determining the amount to invoice for.
  • Track when an invoice has been viewed.
  • Ability to filter invoices by the Bill To person even if they are not a member of your site.
  • Added the ability to create whole invoice discounts.
  • Added invoice payment tracking to track payments as they come in.


  • Improved the way files are downloaded from the platform to decrease the chance of a pop-up blocker blocking legitimate downloads.
  • Links from Website Embeds will now respect the theme of a site.
  • Added Messages to your History page to easily access your message history to and from other users in QReserve.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the inability to add secondary contacts to your site.
  • Better handle resources with many (>100) available units to book.
  • Fix the reservation time display for approvals on the dashboard.
  • Better handle resource visibility and access for resources that are hidden to those who cannot reserve but are part of multi-resource reservations.
  • Handle unusually formatted CSV files better for imported data.
  • Fix UI quirks when selecting a user to book a reservation on behalf of.
  • Fix the inability to edit some custom site user properties.
  • Site themes will better persist for users.
  • Remvoed the All Users group from showing as an available group when adding a new user.
  • Have the start time for calendar views begin at 7AM rather than 12AM.
  • Blackouts are now known as Blockouts.