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QReserve Release -

This release has several enhancements including more tools for administrators and improved reservation management.  We will be releasing in 2 or 3 phases over the next week to streamline the transition.  This post is in regards to the Phase 1 updates.

New Features


  • User approvers now correctly show on the reservation dialog box.
  • Resource calendars have a new Jump to Site calendar button.
  • Administrators now have the ability to force the creation of a reservation even when there is a conflict.
  • Administrators can now mark a form as optional for moderators and administrators while having required fields for all other users.


  • Kiosk reservations can now be authenticated with the same QR codes used for checking in and out.
  • Kiosk editing page will now collapse kiosk cards to more easily manage several kiosks.
  • The main search page now makes it easy to search within and across all of your site memberships.
  • Users with their profile set to Searchable will now be discoverable through the main application search.

User Management

  • Administrators can now set the display name of users after they are added to their site, so long as that user is not a member of any other site.
  • Administrators can now silently add users to their site through the main application.

Website Embed

  • Menus now support sub-menus.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed display issues when viewing and working with reservations on a calendar using Safari on iOS devices.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause an error on the dashboard if you lose access to a favorite resource.
  • Fixed bugs in creating weekly blocks for some timezones ahead of UTC.
  • Removed deactivated resources from related resource lists.
  • Fixed a bug where approval status wouldn't carry forward when a multi-resource reservation with multiple approvals was edited by an administrator.
  • Fixed denied reservations still showing in the calendar.