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QReserve Release - 2.2.8

New Features


  • External resource calendars now show blocked times as well as actual reserved times. A new anonymous site-level external calendar is also available in beta - please contact us if you are interested in trying this out!


  • When making a reservation on a resource with weekly blocks, unavailable times will au tomatically be disabled in the timepicker.  Administrators will still have these times available as they can force a reservation through regardless.
  • Administrators can now Preserve approvals when editing reservations that already have approval decisions by people other than themselves.
  • Reservations created by an administrator for another user, who is also an approver for that resource, will no longer be automatically approved. The approver is now given a chance to accept or decline the request.
  • Reservations and request can now be filtered for by searching for words or phrases in the purpose, note, and form submissions.
  • Multi-resource loans are now easier to manage including the ability to return all items at once or, view individual loans and return them one-by-one.

Actual Usage

  • Actual usage records can now be filtered by supervisor.


  • A site-wide default message to new project users can now be set under Site Settings.
  • New reservations and requests can now be created for a project directly from a project's dashboard.


  • New option to set a form field to Only administrators can edit so that internal or admin only fields can be setup. Users are able to see the value of these fields, but not edit them.
  • Form field values can now be shown directly in the Requests table by enabling Show on calendar and request tables. Previously this option only showed the value on calendar events.
  • Visibility scripts can now check whether a particular checkbox is checked in a Check Box list.  View the Advanced Options when editing a form for details.


  • Usage reports can now have customized columns created that can be arbitrary functions of your data. These reports must be generated by QReserve staff.  If you are interested in customizing your usage report, please contact us.

Bug Fixes

  • Cancellation notification toggle had mysteriously disappeared from resource calendars. Now it's back!
  • Improved Kiosk editing and prevented the UI from becoming unresponsive after uploading new background images.
  • Invoice item units now show correctly in the public invoice page views.
  • Editing or cancelling some reservations from the dashboard were causing errors to be thrown.