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QReserve Release - 2.3.0

New Features

Booking From Resource Maps

  • We are very excited to release the ability to embed resource maps directly into your QReserve site page to allow users to view the availability of resources for a specific time period and make a reservation directly from a live map.  Simply opt into this option when editing a Live Map from your Reports menu in Administration.
  • You can now choose for an add-on resource to only appear for booking when a related resource is already selected.  To set this up, first, ensure your add-on has the Add-On toggle selected until Reservation Options.  Then, also turn on the Related toggle option and relate your add-on to another resource under the Related tab in general.

Reservation Window Admin Overrides now Togglable

  • Administrators are typically able to ignore any reservation restrictions put in place; however, this can lead to confusion and a poor experience when those restrictions are useful.  Therefore, administrator overrides must now be enabled from the top of the reservation window with a simple toggle.

Other Updates

  • You can now choose to display related project names directly on the calendar by turning on the toggle below the calendar or requests table.
  • Empty form fields are now longer displayed in reservation emails to better utilize available space.
  • Your History page now comes with a plethora of filters to more easily find that reservation or request you made in the past.
  • The invoice generating wizard from Activity Reports can now split invoices purely by account number regardless of the supervisor or person the reservation was for.
  • Reservation notifications to users can be disabled site-wide from the Site Settings page for an entirely enternal, passive platform.
  • Sites can now make the reservation delete reason field mandatory from their Site Settings page to ensure users provide a non-empty reason for deleting a reservation.
  • Display categories on the resource list of a site page can now be collapsed.
  • Credentials management has been streamlined to a single area found under the Users menu in Administration.

Bug Fixes

  • Cloning a resource will not correctly also clone the associated photo if there is one.
  • Fixed several spending account related annoyances and bugs.
  • General stablity and speed improvements.