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QReserve Release - 2.3.1

New Features

Weekly Blocks Enhancements

  • When you define a weekly block, you can now choose 1 of 4 different ways it interacts with reservations.
  • Resources can now be configured to only be bookable with other related resources. This makes it easy to create bookings of multiple related resources without having the distraction of all other resources in your site showing.  Under the Reservations tab.

Form File Upload Enhancements

  • File upload fields on forms can now restrict the file extensions and the file size allowed.

In-Person and Online Credit Card Payment Integration for QReserve Customers in the United States

  • We are excited to announce that QReserve has received certification for both online eCommerce and integrated in-person payments with Heartland Payment Systems for US customers!  Have customers pay invoices online or in person with our built in point-of-sale features. Contact us for more information.

Other Updates and Bug Fixes

  • Reservation buffers sometimes failed to draw properly for the period after a reservation on the timeline view. This has been fixed!
  • Resource blocker changes are now properly shown in the audit log.
  • Auto-join links can now be provided for restricted and private sites.
  • Fixed the Requests page filter failing to display results when you were viewing a page other than 1 and then changed the filters.