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QReserve Release - 2.5.0

  • Introducing QReserve's new Reservation Rules Scripting Language! Read more at the link.
  • Custom user properties can now be marked Required and force users to enter a value prior to requesting any resources in your site.
  • Created additional filters for resource loans on the Activity Report.
  • Rate requests on the dashboard now only show the first 5 by default.
  • Resource credential restrictions can now be set to require any crednetials instead of all.
  • Fixed certain recurring reservation recipies adding an extra day.
  • Fixed UX glitches when creating reservations from a project dashboard page.
  • Fixed livemaps sometimes showing incorrect availabiliy when paired with reservation slots.
  • Related resources now properly clone when cloning another resource.
  • Some form fields may not have shown in Activity Reports.
  • Invoices created with the invoice wizard now show reservation or request items in chronological order on the invoice.