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QReserve Release - 2.5.3

QReserve Release - 2.5.3
  • Guest management comes to Kiosks! Using the Check-In Desk kiosk mode. Have external guests sign in, have their attendance recorded against reservations, and immediately signal to users when guests arrive! QReserve user guests can also now check-in from kiosks directly.
  • A new "Computed Value" form field is available to dynamically compute form field values based on other form fields and reservation data via the `sneq` language.
  • Heatmap reports can now be filtered by user and user group and also viewed with data grouped by user group.
  • Activity report form columns selections are now remembered between sessions so your commonly viewed form fields are easily accessed.
  • A new detailed activity report CSV with only the selected form columns is available for download.
  • Recurring invoices can now have the specific day of month specified so that the initial invoice can be sent on a different day of the month from the recurring invoices.
  • Live Maps should better utilize available screen space. Live map administration UI has also been cleaned up and streamlined.
  • Fixed the rates sometimes changing to another valid rate when creating a new reservation and changing the duration.