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QReserve Release - 2.5.4

QReserve Release - 2.5.4
  • You can now use Forms to set the color of calendar entries based on the value of other form elements. Take complete control of how your calendar looks for quick insights!
  • Actual Usage API now supports the new use_res_user option that will set the actual usage entry user to a linked reservation user automatically.
  • Actual Usage API now supports the new ignore_user option to not set a user even if a user is provided.
  • Text input fields on Forms now support minimum and maximum character restrictions.
  • Invoice items can now be chosen directly from existing resources and resource rates. Furthermore, invoice items generated from reservations, requests, or actual usage can have rates easily changed from other rates present in that resource.
  • Administrators can now copy entire form response values and paste them into new reservations to quickly clone reservation forms between reservations or service requests.
  • Invoices can now have default BCC email addresses setup in Site Settings.
  • Invoice emails can now be pre-set in Site Settings.
  • Display categories are now collapsed by default when many resources exist for easy resource browsing.
  • Users can choose the timespan for reservations appearing on their dashboard.
  • The Users page in Administration is now faster especially on sites with many users and user groups.
  • Fixed kiosk guest checkins sometimes checking in the reservation owner as well.
Invoice items can now be linked to resources for quick setup!
Invoice items can now be linked to resources for quick setup!