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QReserve Release - 2.5.5

QReserve Release - 2.5.5
  • Forms now support tables! Pre-define the headers you'd like, allow users to download and upload vis CSV or edit right in your form.
  • Resources can now be set to instantly show a reservation dialog after the Reserve link is clicked from a Site page instead of first showing the calendar.
  • A new Rates page allows administrators to quickly modify rates in bulk across resources.
  • Live Maps are now improved to better handle resources that cannot be reserved and default time durations or restrictions.
  • Administrations can now see when a user has a card on file in user selection and user profile link widgets.
  • Invoices can how have a default days due setup in Site Settings.
  • Credentials can now be setup to suppress expiration notifications.
  • Custom reports can now be filtered by user groups.
  • Fixed user group filters on Administration not populating at times.