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QReserve Release - 2.5.6

QReserve Release - 2.5.6
  • Reservation windows now support barcode readers to quickly add multiple resources onto a reservation with a simple barcode scan!
  • Users can now request a cancellation notification on a per reservation basis to be informed if a specific time slot opens up.
  • Sites can now specify the first day of the week for calendars as well as whether to use 24 or 12 hour time for the time pickers.
  • Ability to receive credit card payment notifications only when payments are performed manually (as opposed to automatically via a subscription).
  • New reservations from a site calendar will no longer default to the first alphabetical resource but instead prompt the user to select a resource.
  • Live maps will now show a list of reservations when a booked resource is selected.
  • Invoice PDFs have improved layout especially when an invoice already has partial payments and a balance owing.
  • Administrators on sites that accept credit cards or have a QuickBooks integration are now automatically logged out after a period of inactivity to increase the safety of an unattended terminal.
  • Fixed activity reports including empty columns for form fields not selected.
  • Fixed live maps showing resources with active usage being used indefinitely into the future.
  • Fixed the acceptance request option on invoices not saving the first time it is set.
  • When cancelling a single reservation in a recurring series, the email notification incorrectly displayed the details of the first reservation in the series.
  • Overdue resources did not display correctly on web integration calendars or when viewing some reservations.