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QReserve Release - 21.11.2

QReserve Release - 21.11.2
With this update, QReserve has officially removed support for Internet Explorer 11. This decision was made to allow for improved development workflows and to promote the move to more modern, safe internet browsers including Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Firefox, or Safari.
  • Downloadable Invoice Reports now have the option to generate fake invoices for refunded payments so that original invoices and future refunds can more easily be accounted for in the time periods that they occurred.
  • Several accessibility enhancements to improve how screen readers interact with the application.
  • Resource map user interfaces are now greatly improved on mobile devices.
  • Activity reports should now generate faster on sites with several thousand reservations in a single report.
  • Invoice totals with tax rates incorrectly rounded subtotals to 2 decimal places early and this could lead to total results being off by 1 penny in situations.
  • Calendar items pulled in from external ICS feeds no longer incorrectly show options to add the reservation to projects, invoices, or cancellation alerts.
  • Editing a reservation that was created by a now deleted site user no longer fails.
  • Fixed a bug that resulted in some recurring reservations being undeletable.