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QReserve Release - 22.01.03

QReserve Release - 22.01.03
  • You can now allow reservation approvers to edit reservations. Site administrators now have the ability to allow reservation approvers to edit the reservations they approve. You can enable this in Site Settings > Users & Reservations. This can allow active approvers the ability to modify reservations or passive approvers who are set to auto-approve can use this feature to have edit permission to a subset of reservatiosn in your site. Learn more aboute approvers.
  • Invoice auto-number algorithm now takes more situations into account and should improve the next number guess.
  • The invoices page in Administration now split Invoices and Quotes into separate tabs.
  • Invoices can now store hidden notes visible to administrators only for internal reference.
  • When sending messages to users in the context of a resource, you can now elect whether or not to include a note that it is because of their usage of that resource or just send the message plainly.
  • Reservation purpose fields can be injected into invoice line items with a single click now.
  • When multiple approvers are on a reservation but only one approval is required, approvers are prompted on whether they wish to continue with secondary approvals. Furthermore, users will not receive duplicate approval emails if subsequent approvals do not contain a note.
  • Time granularity for time pickers will respect the options of the reservation even when administrator overrides are on. Administrators can still book off the granularity restriction by manually entering an overriding time.
  • The Users administration table can now sort users by last name in addition to the full display name.
  • You can now set a site-wide loan reminder and overdue message that will appear at the top of emails sent to users reminding them of upcoming loan due dates and overdue loans.
  • When viewing a category filtered timeline view, blocking resources from outside your filtered category will no longer be listed in the timeline.
  • Kiosks now properly show an in use status when blocking maintenance is scheduled.