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QReserve Release - 22.02.01

QReserve Release - 22.02.01
This release has improvements, fixes, and updates under the hood but don't worry - we have something big coming shortly!
  • Added the ability to store hidden notes on Subscriptions and Invoices that are visible to moderators and administrators only.
  • Remember your choice about whether to use the QReserve or QuickBooks invoice number when uploading invoices to QuickBooks.
  • Live map regions are hidden if they are for a resource that should be hidden to the user.
  • Improved calendar export ICS feeds to better support maintenance and category filters.
  • Portal administrators now explicitly join sites as administrators when they administer them.
  • Fixed viewing maintenance events only on site calendars.
  • Fixed setting the incorrect start date on requests when duplicating existing requests.
  • Fixed storing larger custom property values.