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QReserve Release - 22.02.02

QReserve Release - 22.02.02
  • We are thrilled to release our new workflows module, Triggers. As the name implies, this module allows you to trigger an action after another event takes place. For example, you could create a trigger to email a user after a reservation completes or you could trigger an invoice to be automatically generated 1 hour prior to a reservation beginning. This module is new and in its early stages with many more enhancements planned. If you have any questions about setting up your own triggers or using customized logic through our integrated scripting language, please reach out!
  • New public booking website embed is available for beta testing! Utilize weekly slots and a fixed day to have people sign-up directly from your website without a QReserve account!

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  • Increased audit log record visibility for approvals.
  • Improved the behavior of our time picker elements when they lose focus during editing.
  • Added more view options on the dashboard under Dashboard View Settings to set how approvals and reservations are displayed.
  • Account number descriptions are now displayed in the account number selection box when making a reservation and account number sorting should be consistent.
  • Fixed the previous inability to schedule maintenance from live maps.
  • Fixed the menu and submenu behavior of website integrations when the root menu item also contained filters.
  • Fixed a broken link in quote acceptance emails to site administrators.
  • Rates table and CSV export incorrectly included reservation specific custom set rates.
  • Fixed the inability for administrators to return sub elements from multi-resource loans.
  • Fixed the inability for administrators to edit their own account numbers or billing address when user editable account numbers was disabled.