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QReserve Release 2204.02

QReserve Release 2204.02

Event Registration, Service Requests, and Slot Booking from your Website Integration

I think this one is really cool!

Screenshot of external event registration.

You can now collect event registrations, service requests, and even reservations in weekly slots directly from your website integration without the need for users to have an account or login! We even support core form elements so you can create custom text fields, drop-downs, and check boxes right on your website. Responses come in just like normal requests from your users (with a few minor differences). We look forward to see how this powerful new feature gets utilized! Read More About Website Integrations and also Read More About Event Registrations.

Workflows - Subscriptions and Triggers

We've been slowly revealing this the last few months - did you notice the new Workflows option in Administration?

Reservation task screenshot.

Workflows are a new incredibly powerful tool in your Q-Toolbox to automate tasks that need to run repetitively (called Subscriptions) or triggered by another event (called Triggers).

Subscriptions can be used to manage monthly memberships - including auto-charging credit cards, creating recurring reservations indefinitely, sending emails, creating credentials, and more. Combined with the incredibly power of built in scripting rules, we've already seen some amazing workflows become entirely automated with subscriptions. Read More about Subscription Workflows

Triggers can run a series of tasks relative to the time of another event such as a reservation being created, starting, ending, being modified,  or being approved.  Send an email, setup a credential, book another reservation, and power it with any kind of logic required to meet your needs. We've already had entire training and access workflows go from a tedious manual process to a fully automated solution using triggers. Read More about Trigger Workflows

  • Added Heartland Portico support to auto-paying invoices in the Subscriptions workflow.
  • Added the ability to list consumable resources in an organization's marketplace add-on.
  • Added the ability to upload Quotes and Estimates to QuickBooks Online in addition to Invoices.
  • Added the ability to invite another email address to reservations automatically, making it possible to automatically invite resources in Outlook. Read More Here
  • Fixed the date selectors in some reports incorrectly updating dates when the start or end date crossed over each other.
  • Fixed incorrectly showing the non-functional Return Now button on loans to guests of that loan.
  • Improved the single sign-on flow when using the Outlook Add-in.
  • Fixed the correctness of some ICS feeds with UTC timezones.
  • Fixed the filtered dates and times sometimes not setting the correct defaults when booking from live maps.
  • Fixed heatmap reports failing to load when some site users had left a site.
  • Recurring reservations now include ICS attachments for all reservations in the series.
  • Fixed some minor UI display issues.