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QReserve Release - 2205.02

QReserve Release - 2205.02
  • Resource rates can now trigger the instantaneous creation and presentation of an invoice to a user. A reservation with an automatically generated invoice can also expire after a set period of time to enforce upfront payment from users (requires a payment provider integration).
Automatic invoice generation plus auto-cancellation allow you to be sure to collect payment upfront.
  • Live maps are now easier to distinguish between reserved and booked resources, especially with varying vision abilities. Multi-unit resources will also display the number of available units.
  • Categories can be toggled and and off in timeline views.
  • Fixed the inability to add negative transaction values to spending accounts.
  • Fixed default invoice and quote memos sometimes being mixed up.
  • Shortened ICS export feed URLs to fit under Google Calendar's 255 character limit. Old URLs still work but newly generated URLs use shorter variable names and values.
  • Fixed errors that could occur with guest check-in and check-out on multi-resource reservations.
  • Fixed an error that could be thrown when working with resources set to full day bookings only.
  • Fixed the ability for moderators to add users to projects.
  • Kiosk views of resources that are not in use but not reserved display more consistent statuses.
  • Optimized the loading of users lists on some sites that utilized credentials.
  • Fix bug where reservations on a kiosk were checked out of within 1 minute but less than 2 minutes of creation would check out but not end early the reservation.