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QReserve Release - 2209.02

QReserve Release - 2209.02
  • Kiosks now support External Guests to let anybody, with or without an account, to make a reservation from a kiosk! This must be enabled on a per resource basis on each kiosk by turning on the External Guests option.
  • Some optimizations have been added to the calendar and activity reports, especially when invoices are used heavily.
  • Audit logs will now report when weekly slots, weekly blocks, and related resources are modified.
  • Approval request emails now contain a link to view the reservation directly.
  • Bookings made by external users from a web integration now support email updates if an administrator cancels or modifies the reservation on behalf of the user.
  • Fixed display glitches when creating new weekly slots or blocks.
  • Fixed full day slots not displaying in the public booking web integration.
  • Fixed an incorrect editing window time restriction preview.
  • Fixed disclaimers set by scripts not being cleared after subsequent script executions.