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QReserve Release - 2212.02 - Project Tags!

QReserve Release - 2212.02 - Project Tags!

Happy Holidays! As we all wind down for the holidays the elves over here at QReserve have one more update packed with awesome new toys and goodies. We are especially excited for our first major update to Projects with more to come!

Project Updates

Projects are a powerful tool for organizing activity within a QReserve site and with this release they have gotten more powerful and easier to use.

Project tags as seen from a project table row.

Project Tags

Project tags are an awesome new way to organize your projects. Personal project tags are private to each user. Public site tags are defined by site administrators but can by applied to a project by any project administrator. Private site tags are defined by site administrators but unlike public tags, private tags are only visible to site administrators.

Projects can easily be filtered to single or combinations of tags to use them to track status, types, or other metadata.

  • A project summary is now displayed on the project dashboard.
  • Archived projects are now easily accessible from a tab on your projects page.
  • If a loanable resource was sorted first then you were unable to create a regular reservation from a project dashboard.
  • Site administrators with edit access to a project now have this fact denoted in the users list when the membership role is not administrator.

Other Updates

  • Per-user invoice number prefixes can be set by editing a user in Administraton. When set, this prefix is automatically added to the front of invoices for this user.
  • Per-user setting to ignore site-wide calendar min/max times.
  • Multi-day reservations in timeline views now show a better representation of the start and end days and times.
  • Reservations now have an easy to copy unique URL in the bottom left corner to link specifically to that reservation. Access still requires authentication.
  • Added a sort option for resources to randomize all resources except for events.
  • User settings window now splits different settings into tabbed categories for easier navigation.
  • Multi-edit application of forms to resources would sometimes fail.
  • A checkbox list form field with periods in the form name would fail to store responses correctly.