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Release Notes - QReserve 2.2.1

We are very excited about two major new features being made available with this release: Projects and Invoices!

Project Management Updates

  • New: The project management module allows users to group reservations, requests, users, and files together to easily manage and track related activity.

Invoices and Quotes Updates

  • New: The invoices module allows you to create invoices directly from reservations, with ad-hoc items, or a combination of both.  Send invoices out directly to users with automatically generated professional PDFs.

Resource Management Updates

  • Fixed: Date properties were incorrectly showing as integers on resource pages instead of dates.
  • Fixed: Rates are now shown in proper order and with proper blackout times on the resource page.

Reservation Platform Updates

  • New: Approvers will now see any Form data directly in their approval email to help them make more informed approval decisions.
  • New: Site administrators are now able to override minimum and maximum reservation duration limits when editing or creating their own reservations.
  • New: Ability to prevent the creation of reservations within a specific time window relative to the current time.  For example, you can limit users to creating reservations no less than 24 hours in advance.
  • New: When viewing agenda mode in calendars, additional information is shown on reservation boxes including supervisors.
  • New: Timeline views now sort resources into their respective display categories.

Reports Updates

  • New: A new Supervisor Summary CSV report is available from the Download menu that consolidates all usage to a given supervisor and account number over the filtered date range.
  • New: Added form detatils to the Details CSV downloadable report.
  • New: Improved the UX ov the Activity reports when Forms are available.

Kiosk Updates

  • Fixed: Ensure the Reserve button is removed when a resource temporarily has reservations disabled.
  • Fixed: Kiosks are now more robust against network distruptions by displaying cached data when new data is unavailable.

User Management Updates

  • New: Users are able to have default billing addresses associated with their accounts and, if desired, set their address themselves.  See Site Settings > Users & Reservations.  If desired, there is also the option to prompt users without a billing address on file to provide one.
  • New: Users can now have barcodes associated with their profile, such as from a staff or student card.  When a user's barcode is scanned on Activity reports, the filter will automatically filter to that user.
  • New: Ability to force users to only provide pre-defined account numbers when making reservations.

General Enhancements and Bug Fixes

  • New: Sites can now disable contact boxes on the site page if this functionality is not desired.
  • Speed improvements.