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Release notes - QReserve 2.0.0

Thank you for all of the wonderful and constructive feedback as we prepare to complete our migration into QReserve 2.0. This week we have a long list of updates to share!

Platform Enhancements

Resource Reservations Interface

  • Calendar events will now display the number of units (if >1) directly in the event title.
  • Calendar events will show the event Purpose when the mouse hovers over it.

User Administration

  • Administrators can now turn off new user notifications sent to site owners from Site Settings > Access.
  • A Last Login column has been added to the Users page in Administration to quickly sort by when users last accessed the QReserve platform.

Resource Management

  • Blackout periods can now be generated as "White Out" periods and inverted into Blackout periods to make it easy to define when a resource is available, instead of defining when that resource is not available.
  • The resource Status column in administration can now be used to sort resources and group them by the current status.
  • Added the ability to specify the order in which rates are shown to users by prefixing the rate names with A), B), C), D), etc.
  • Default loan durations can now be disabled to permit users to request different duration loans.
  • Premium Send a copy of all site-wide reservation confirmation and change emails to a specific email address for offline audit and record keeping purposes.
  • Premium Administrators can now specify the Reply-To email address for reservation confirmation emails sent to their users for easier support and communication with your team.

Resource File Attachments

  • Premium Fixed a bug that did not allow uploading files without a file extension to resources.
  • Premium Ability to upload files and create a folder heirarchy of those files for display purposes.
  • Premium Ability to mark resource files as private and ensure only site moderators or administrators can download them.

As always, there are bug fixes and user experience enhancements throughout the application as well.

Have any questions about this release or any of the updates mentioned above? Please don't hesitate to get in touch!