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Release Notes - QReserve 2.1.0

Thank you as always for all of the incredible feedback on the QReserve platform. This release is packed full of improvements and new features!

Reservation Platform Updates

  • Reservations pending approval are now marked with a question mark and shown in a translucent colour on the calendar to more easily distinguish them from approved reservations.
  • Fixed the iCal export URL not displaying on the site calendar page.

  • Rate quotes for equipment access and services can now be enabled in the Rates panel for your resources. This will allow users to request a rate from you and have the request remain pending until a rate request is provided.
  • Ability to automatically decline stale, unapproved reservations based on a timepoint relative to the start of the reservation you can set. Turn this on from the Approvers panel in your resource edit page. For example, setting a value of 30 minutes will cancel any unapproved reservation automatically, 30 minutes after the scheduled start time.

  • A new Service Requests module is now available. Similar to reservations, users can make requests for different services from you without needing to schedule them in the calendar. These requests can be reviewed and approved or declined just like regular reservations. When combined with the Forms add-on module, you are able to collect any information you would like at the time of request and then schedule the necessary people and/or resources once a request is approved.

Management Platform Updates

  • Deactivated resources can now be fully archived so they are removed permanently from your site and will no longer appear in your Deactivated Resources list.
  • Resource CSV exports now include far more, complete, information about your resources including all properties and attributes.

General Enhancements

  • Speed improvements across the site, especially on pages where a lot of reservations need to be loaded such as calendar or busy dashboards.
  • Improvements to the QReserve UX while on mobile phones, especially around the reservation window where some UI elements could be cut off on smaller screens.
  • Fixed several little annoying bugs in areas including SSO login errors, approval update email delays, in-app errors that get in your way, and under the hood improvements to make QReserve more stable.