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Release Notes - QReserve 2.1.2 and 2.1.3

Our 2.1.2 update was an incremental bug fix update that didn't warrant a full blog post so we've consolidated two release notes into one!

Resource Management Updates

  • Copy/Move resources is now supported! Use the copy icon in your resource list to create a cloned resource directly in your site. If you are an administrator/moderator in multiple sites, you can also copy into or move a resource into another site! Note that when copying a resource, reservation history does not transfer as you are still creating a new resource but with all settings and properties transferred over (unless the site being copied into does not support certain features).

  • QR Codes can now direct users directly to a Single Sign-On entity instead of the main QReserve login page. Please contact support if you would like to set this up for your site.

Reservation Platform Updates

  • Multi-resource reservations now show an estimated total cost of all items combined.

  • Calendar view mode is now saved so that if you prefer month, day, scheduler, modes they are set automatically upon your return.

  • Fixed a bug that failed to remove rates from user groups from the user group editing UI.

  • Blocking reservations (a resource blocked due to to the use of another blocking resource) now show "Blocked" as the user, instead of the user of the original reservation that could lead to confusion about what resource was actually being used.

  • Changed the FROM address for reservation emails to a "no-reply" email that returns an error warning to users who accidentally email that person instead of their client using the "Reply-To" email header.

  • Forms can now be attached at an individual resource by resource level instead of requiring forms to be site-wide.

  • Forms now support Markdown to embed links and bold text directly into your static text fields.

  • Forms now support file uploads to allow users to attach files to reservations.

  • Reservation form elements can now be reordered.

General Enhancements

  • Adding unverified users to a site no longer produces a confusing error message and now allows that user to be added.

  • Removed unneccessary API calls on some pages that resulted in slower loading time than actually required.

  • Portal administrators are now able to remove sites from the portal directly from the list of sites without having to go into the site's settings panel.