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Release Notes - QReserve 2.1.4

This release is packed with optimizations and new features! Long awaited multiple account numbers and user editable account numbers are here!

Resource Management Updates

  • Creating multiple resources at once is now faster with new Add Resource and Add Resource and Edit buttons on the new resource window. Clicking the former button will allow the rapid entry of additional resources or clicking the latter will take you to the resource edit page as was previously the case.

  • Created a new Consumable resource class that is the beginnings of consumable and inventory tracking features coming in the future.

  • Sped up the resource table administration page.

Reservation Platform Updates

  • Users can now have multiple account numbers assigned to them to choose via a dropdown when making reservations, loans, or service requests.

  • Account numbers can now have an optional description associated with them to more easily identify them when making reservations.

  • Users are now able to add and modify their own account numbers from each site page by clicking the new Edit Membership link at the top of the site.

  • Improved reservation window controls on tablet displays.

  • Fixed weird characters sometimes showing up on reservation cancellation reasons in update emails.

  • Some bugs on the form editing tool have been fixed regarding clearing hints and seeing unwanted errors during the editing process.

General Enhancements

  • Sign-in with partner choices are now remembered so that you can jump straight to your partner sign-in page next time you visit QReserve without having to search for your organization.

  • Added the ability to hide a membership from your dashboard. If you are a member of many sites but only want to highlight one or two, simply visit the main site page for the site you want to hide and click Hide on Dashboard in the top menu bar.

  • Fixed the payment method not showing in Site Settings for renewals.