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Release Notes - QReserve 2.1.5

This release cleans and speeds things up and adds barcode reader support! We're also preparing some BIG updates for the near future including day and time based rates, customized resource and user properties, financial accounts management, and more.  Stay tuned!

Resource Management Updates

  • Barcode reader support! You can now use your own barcoding system in QReserve with support for USB based barcode readers. Simply enter the barcode value on the Barcodes tab of a resource editor and then scan that barcode whenever you are on a site page, or a resource admin table page. You will instantly filter down and jump to that resource. Checking in and out resources will be a breeze - here's a short video demonstration.
  • Speed improvements loading site and resource pages.

Reservation Platform Updates

  • Fixed and improved several aspects of the loans system.

  • The account number field can now be hidden on your reservation form. This is especially useful if your users never have to provide an account number and are confused by why you are requesting one! Furthermore, you can set a rate to require an account number and override this setting to maximum flexibility.

  • The person who created a reservation is now listed on the detailed usage export CSV in a new "Created By" column. This value can differ from the Reserved For column when a site administrator creates a reservation on behalf of another user.

  • Long, multi-day reservations now displays duration with 'days' units, instead of just 'hours' on the dashboard.

General Enhancements

  • Hidden user notes (administrator's eyes only) can now be viewed directly in the Users table in Administration by clicking the dropdown column header (third column) in the users table and selecting Hidden Note.