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Release Notes - QReserve 2.1.8

Resource Management Updates

  • Resource images can now be rotated in 90 degree increments directly from within the Picture administration panel after the image is uploaded.

  • Made barcode scanning on the Administration page togglable so that accidental triggering of a barcode scan can be avoided. This feature can be enabled by clicking the toggle button at the bottom of the resources table in Administration. Barcode scanning is always enabled when barcodes exist on your Site page for regular users.

  • Fixed a bug that prevented some public properties from showing on a resource information page within the app.

Reservation Platform Updates

  • Fixed a bug that prevented creating multiple reservations for multi-unit resources when that resource also blocked another resource.

  • Improved how various currencies are displayed throughout the application and in email confirmations.

  • If the Reserved For Override text differs from the user, show both the override text and the user's name in parentheses.

  • Fixed a bug that sometimes selected the wrong resource when scheduling maintence from the site calendar.

  • Updated the calendar for improved performance.

User Management Updates

  • User groups can now be renamed from the User Groups editing window.

  • User import can now automatically update existing users if the imported spreadsheet contains new data.

General Enhancements and Bug Fixes

  • Released an updated Web Integration tool with easier, more powerful integration and more options to filter and style your website embed. Additional updates are planned for the future!

  • Increased the customizability for reservation kiosks by supporting custom background images and colours.

  • Greatly enhanced performance on the Administration pages when there are a lot of users and/or resources (>1000).

  • Fixed various other minor bugs and improved the performance of the multi-editor tools for resources and users.