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Release Notes - QReserve 2.2.0

Happy new year! With this release we have 48 bug fixes and new features for you and much more on the way. Here are some of the highlights:

Resource Management Updates

  • New: Added the ability to create Live Maps that overlay resource availablity information directly on your own custom floorplan and facility maps.

Reservation Platform Updates

  • New: Ability to disable user editable pre-defined account numbers by visiting Site Settings > Reservations.
  • New: When a supervisor is assigned to a user, a link to that supervisor is displayed next to the user throughout the site when the user is being shown in the context of reservations.
  • Fixed a recently introduced bug that could cause the specific start and end time for a loan to be incorrect.
  • Fixed a bug that incorrectly showed more units than available when creating new loans.
  • Fixed some calendar views starting at Midnight instead of a more convient 6AM time.

Reports Updates

  • New: Usage Reports are now referred to as Activity Reports to help differentiate them from upcoming "Actual Usage" reports.
  • New: Activity Reports now provide a Filtered Total Minutes value that will return the length of time a particular reservation occured within the currently filtered date range.
  • Capacity reports now use the new Filtered Total Minutes value to report utilization relative to total capacity so that a more acurate utilization vs capacity value is shown when reservations span outside of the filtered date range.
  • Fixed reservation filters' effects on CSV downloads.

Kiosk Updates

  • New: Kiosks now support a new Check In functionality that will allow users to check-in to their reservations up to 10 minutes before the start, or anytime during the reservation. This check-in will create an "Actual Usage" record for the resource and mark it as "Checked In" on Activity Reports.
  • New: Kiosks now support an Agenda Mode to show a daily agenda - great for lobbies and waiting areas.

User Management Updates

  • New: Ability to disable user editable pre-defined account numbers by visiting Site Settings > Reservations.
  • New: Added the ability to associate new users as supervisors to users without the supervisor having to verify their account first.
  • Fixed a bug that broke user selection dropdowns if used immediately after adding a new user from the User Management page.

  • New: Renamed "Training Records" to "Credentials" to capture the more general use cases of this powerful feature to track memberships, enrollment, certifications, and more.

General Enhancements and Bug Fixes

  • Continuing to improve accessibility aspects of the platform.
  • New: Links to subscription receipts and invoices are now available directly from your Site Settings > Subscription page.

  • New: The Audit Log report now reports new users joining and leaving your site.