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Release Notes - QReserve 2.2.2

We may be quarantined but that doesn't mean we can't release a big new update for you!

New Features

  • Reservation confirmation emails will now show your site's logo if you have uploaded one.
  • Credentials now list who added the credential record.
  • If actual usage is recorded in any way, the total actual usage time is now displayed on the Activity Report and on the Details CSV.
  • Improved the visual appearance of the activity report table.
  • Custom reports now support the generation of Microsoft Word templates.
  • Added the ability to copy an invoice to a new quote.
  • Files attached to forms in a reservation confirmation or approval email can now be clicked to download after logging in.
  • Properties can now be hidden on resource pages by going to Site Settings | Properties and disabling any properties you wish to hide.
  • Invoices can now be created directly from actual usage records.
  • Actual Usage records can now be created via the API by opening a session and later closing a session. See the Advanced Scripting Options in the Actual Usage tab of a Resource for more information.
  • Actual Usage charts are now available as a beta test - more coming!
  • Forms can now easily be re-ordered with an Order Priority value.
  • Added an Agenda view for calendar schedules.
  • Rates are now shown in an easier to view mode when 1 or 2 rates are defined on any particular resource.
  • All-day maintenance can now be displayed on the site calendar.
  • Restricted and Private sites can now specify a list of unrestricted email domains to allow local users to join without a join code.
  • Forms can now have Checkbox Lists to ask users to check off many different options.
  • Projects will now notify users of changes once per day.

Bug Fixes

  • When adding multiple resources the resource class would reset each time.
  • Deleting a form from a site failed to first detach it from existing resources.
  • Creating maintenance from the administration page could fail to set the Performed By user correctly.
  • Portal administrators were unable to view some portal sites when they were not an active member of that site.
  • Improved the colour contrast of the close button on modal windows.
  • Improved the visual appearance of calendar toolbars on mobile devices.
  • Blackouts sometimes incorrectly showed on the site calendar.