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Release Notes - QReserve 2.2.3

This month has been a focus on bug fixes and rounding out the edges on a few existing features with 70 issues closed!

New Features

  • Daily and weekly user email digests are being rolled out!  Users can now, optionally, receive an overview of their current and upcoming activity each day or once per week.  Users will be automatically enrolled in weekly over the next few weeks but can opt-out or modify their settings at any time.
  • Kiosks can now be set to limit the range of future reservations to show.
  • Activity reports with forms are now easier to manage with a greatly improved UI.
  • User history now displays when an approval request was created.
  • Pending reservations are now more clearly displayed on calendars and font colors are chosen to better work with light colors.
  • Logging in with SSO credentials is now easier and more obvious after the first login.
  • Calendar entries can now be viewed in Expanded View to see more information on the month view (toggle at bottom of calendar).
  • Improved the ability to create and edit large forms and also enabled advanced mode with the ability to create show/hide logic for fields.
  • Improved reservation filters are nearly complete and will be released in the coming days with a quick point release!

Bug Fixes

  • Look and feel improvements including accessibility.
  • Improved email font size.
  • Reservations that require no approvals are now labelled "Confirmed" in confirmation emails to avoid confusion.
  • Fixed possible crashes when invalid reservation duration limits were configured.
  • Fix activity CSV exports not including some form fields.
  • Deleting recurring reservations failed to remove all calendar entries from the UI immediately.
  • Several smaller bug fixes, typos, and corrections to make your QReserve experience smoother than ever!