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QReserve just flipped the script: Unlimited possibilities with Reservation Scripts

QReserve just flipped the script: Unlimited possibilities with Reservation Scripts
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QReserve is very excited to announce the official rollout of a massive new feature we’ve been brewing up over the past few months… scripts! Designed and implemented by QReserve’s development team, QReserve's reservation scripting language, called sneq, is going to revolutionize the way you manage the resources your users' schedule.

What are sneq scripts?

sneq provides you with unprecedented control over how resources can be reserved and requested by writing custom scripts in a language that resembles the very popular and familiar Python programming language. QReserve scripts written in sneq allow you to define complex, finely-tuned access rules beyond those already available in QReserve for endless possibilities.

Reservation scripts are a core feature of QReserve available in all subscription plans today.

What can sneq do?

There are countless ways sneq can be used to solve real problems around everyday scheduling, such as:

These are not just examples – many of these scripts are already being used today in production.

How does sneq work?

QReserve includes a powerfully integrated development environment (IDE) built right into QReserve for you to write your sneq scripts, including error handling, syntax advice, and testing.

The IDE provides hints for parsing and detailed crash reporting, along with a reservation or request tester so that you can immediately evaluate your scripts for the correct behavior.

Documentation for sneq and its libraries is available here, so that any power user can begin working with sneq today.

How do I use sneq in my site?

Our team is excited to see our clients starting to put sneq into action. As such, our team is available for clients that would like support in getting scripts written for their site. Scriptwriting services are available, and your QReserve Account Manager would be happy to get the process going for you. If you’re unsure who your dedicated Account Manager is, please get in touch with us via email (hello@qreserve.com), and we will assign one to you. Alternatively, individuals with experience with Python programming can begin using sneq on their own today.

We hope you enjoy sneq as much as we enjoyed creating it!

To many more reservations,

The QReserve team