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The workplace platform every organization needs in 2021

The workplace platform every organization needs in 2021

Scheduling and workflow automation tools are quickly becoming an essential requirement for organizations, both large and small, looking to improve their operations. Not only do scheduling and automated booking tools create time and cost-saving opportunities within the workplace, but they also help accurately assess and forecast workflow patterns and allocate resources.

Save time

Imagine spending hours calling and emailing colleagues trying to track down a tool you need. This type of manual process seems almost ancient in comparison to the fast, automated technologies available to organizations. Online scheduling technology lets people discover available resources at their fingertips with its accessibility - ranging from kiosks, tablets, and computers, to smartphone devices. This increased connectivity and accessibility allows for an unobstructed information flow about what is being used, when it’s available, and whom it’s available for, meaning more efficiency and better-informed decisions.

Automated scheduling software for things like room booking or workplace hot-desking has replaced traditional office calendars. There’s no longer the need to wait until you get to the office to go to a sign-up sheet when you need to make or cancel your booking. Scheduling software gives people the ability to make ad-hoc changes anytime, from anywhere. Whereas it might take weeks or months for the IT department in your organization to update calendars and directories, online scheduling software is much more accurate and changes are reflected instantly.

Save money and unlock revenue potential

Automated scheduling software additionally helps save costs and unlock fresh opportunities for revenue in comparison to manual techniques. With online scheduling software, there is better information flow about what resources exist in an organization, whom to contact for use or if they can use it, as well as where it’s located. This can reduce redundant purchases of expensive equipment that you may need just for a short period of time, or buying an item again because you didn’t know it already existed in your organization.

Additionally, sharing resources outside of your organization can be tricky to coordinate. Online scheduling software means having your offerings and availability clearly visible, making the booking of resources easy for external clients. This can help increase the likelihood of external people engaging, which then reflects positively on revenue growth.

With new hybrid practices of working from both the home and office set to stay, online scheduling and room booking software equally enables the hoteling of office spaces and hot-desking. For businesses, this can mean money saved as they better manage spaces, maximizing available space rather than questioning the need to upsize workspaces.

Plan better

Resource allocation, space management, and asset tracking can all be incredibly time-consuming as manual practices. Online software automates mundane processes and eases pain points for staff. One major benefit to using online scheduling software is the access to accurate historical data it can provide to organizations with which they can use to make informed decisions.

Many businesses are already using online scheduling technology in a range of ways to solve administrative headaches. For example, approving or denying equipment usage can now be automated based on a user’s valid training credentials and other defined booking rules. Automation reduces the need for processes like manually cross-referencing a user’s training prior to approving requests to use it.

Additionally, manually reconciling accounting on rates that apply to different users for resources they’ve used, can take hours at the end of each month. By automating these types of administrative tasks, businesses are not only simplifying their workflows, but also enabling themselves to better understand and make the most of the valuable insights into areas such as staff planning, space management, and equipment purchasing.

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