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We give you a New Time Picker

You asked—you begged—to get rid of the clock. At last we present: our new time picker.

In our recent survey you expressed your hate for the clock interface we had introduced with our move to QReserve 2.0.

"The clock used to reserve before the new version of QReserve was better."
"I don't like the interface for selecting time, it seems unnecessarily complicated."
"The clock/calendar system makes it more hassle than it's worth sometimes."
"The clock sucks!!!"

We heard you loud and clear. We have removed the clock and replaced it with a new time picker inspired by the original and updated for QReserve 2.0.

Select the time picker as usual to find a list of times in 5-minute intervals. You can also type your desired time and the suggestions will update accordingly.

Your initial click will prompt a list of suggestions based on recently selected start times for your resources.

The new time picker also supports 24-hour time as many of you requested.

Making reservations on your smartphone will display the time picker native to your mobile browser.

Thank you very much to everyone who completed the survey and shared their opinions on the time picker. We always appreciate your feedback as we continually strive to refine QReserve. Please contact us at hello@qreserve.com if you have feedback on the new time picker or any other features.