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The Q: 2021 In Review

The Q: 2021 In Review

2021 was an incredibly fun year at QReserve. We are grateful to work with amazing organizations around the world and love finding solutions for all of the unique and interesting scheduling challenges you bring to us. Your insights and suggestions have been the driving force behind shaping what QReserve is and will continue to become. Thank you!

Each time we release updates to the platform we'll post release notes in this blog that are also accessible right from your dashboard, but we know that reading the release notes of new software versions may not always be your top priority.

So, without further ado, here are our Top 5 New Features out of over 200 new features, improvements, and fixes from 2021!

1) Live Resource Maps

Screenshot of resource maps

Upload a floor plan (2D or 3D) and use our built in region editor to map your resources and locations directly onto the resource map. Allow users to view real-time or future available and create new reservations directly from your site. Read more about Live Resource Maps

2) Reservation Rules Scripting Language

This is a big one! With QReserve's new Reservation Rules Scripting Language (called sneq), you can use an easy to use scripting language to define arbitrary permissions that can take into account reservation history, individual characteristics, the phases of the moon, or whatever you can think of! If you have an interesting scheduling rule then please contact us to discuss.

3) Integrated Payment Processing

A woman who enters her bank details while shopping online.
Photo by Pickawood / Unsplash

How would you like to collect payments from users directly through QReserve or in person? With our integration with multiple online and card present payment processing providers, we can help you get setup and connected in no time. Currently supported in Canada and the United States, please contact us to discuss the best options for your organization.

4) Weekly Slots

Screenshot of weekly slots for a Fitness Centre.

Easily pre-define when reservations can occur on a weekly basis with our weekly slots mode. This highly anticipated feature has seen massive uptake and we have more plans to enhance it in 2022.

5)Workflows: Subscriptions and Triggers

I work in a software company designed and structured an app for field staff. That day we made a tour of our flow and could not miss a shot of our work :)
Photo by Alvaro Reyes / Unsplash

Set it and forget it using our new subscriptions and triggers! A subscription is used to run specific tasks at regularly scheduled intervals such as booking a parking spot and sending an invoice on a monthly basis. Triggers (coming early 2022) can run a series of tasks after specific events such as the creation or cancellation of a reservation. These workflow tools provide very powerful ways to automated repeated tasks for you and your users.