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Welcome to the new QReserve!

We've been working hard to prepare our new QReserve for you, and now we're taking the next step.

From now on when you sign into QReserve you will come to our new version. With updated interface and functionality, you can manage your facilities better and easier.

Here are some key improvements from our latest update. Read about past updates here.

You can now view capacity reports in Administration. Capacity reports let you know whether you are using your resources below or above capacity, and help you determine future investment in your facilities.

You can download graphs directly from your reports section to share with your facility. Select the arrow next to each graph to do so.

We've updated the help text throughout the interface. If you ever have questions about specific features, select the question mark (?) next to the title for a brief explanation of the feature.

You can always visit our legacy version by selecting 'Use Original QReserve' in the bottom left corner of the screen.